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Why Fluent

An integrated approach to Language Services Delivery: At Fluent, we are experts in the fields of interpretation and translation; it is our only business. Because we offer a full suite of language services, (Telephone Interpreting, Video Interpreting, Translating & On-Site Interpreting) we are in the unique position to collaborate with and provide advice to our clients on the most cost effective means of service delivery, e.g. recommending Telephone Interpreting for a particular assignment vs. On-Site Interpreting. We are also able to seamlessly transfer assignments that may require other disciplines, e.g. an interpreting assignment that requires follow on translating or transcription services, or using Telephone Interpreters to confirm On-Site interpreting assignments.

Assurance of Quality and Consistency: Interpreting and translating services as an industry is woefully under-regulated. And it is one of only a few industries in existence where the client rarely can gauge the quality of the service delivered. The only language with comprehensive, rigorous and universally adopted standards, licensure and certification of interpreters on a national level is American Sign Language (ASL). Fluent was founded and is owned by two nationally recognized ASL interpreters who have voluntarily applied the stringent standards required for ASL to spoken languages. Our level of supervision to ensure quality control is unsurpassed in our industry.

Complete Access to Any Language, Anytime, Anywhere: Fluent covers more languages across more service disciplines than any of our competitors.

  • Telephone Interpreting – Over 200 languages, on demand
  • Video Interpreting - American Sign Language on demand, over 80 languages by appointment
  • Translating – Virtually any language
  • On-Site Interpreting – Over 80 languages in the markets we serve
Fluent’s goal is to be a one-stop language solutions provider. Most Service Providers specialize in some form; Spanish, ASL, Asian or Middle Eastern languages for example. But we have found that this model is inefficient, burdensome and costly to our clients, particularly those with broad language demands distributed among multiple locations across a wide region. The principal economic benefit to our clients for this market-leading access is significantly reduced administrative costs.

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