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Also known as Video Remote Interpreting, Video Interpreting is a quick, convenient way for deaf and hearing people to communicate, when they are in the same room, with the assistance of a Fluent American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. The service is accessible by a webcam capable computer or video conferencing equipment, across a high speed broadband internet connection. The service is available by appointment or on demand, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fluent’s Video Interpreting service is available at this time principally for those seeking an American Sign Language interpreter, though over 80 other languages are available by appointment. As one of the leading Video Interpreting service providers in the country, Fluent supports the needs of over 200 hospitals across the United States.

How does Video Interpreting work When is Video Interpreting effective Video interpreting equipment needs Is Video Interpreting same as Video Relay

All ASL interpreters available through Fluent’s Video Interpreting solution hold a national certification through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (R.I.D) and state licensure as required, with extensive experience supporting the healthcare, education, legal, governmental and corporate communities. Privacy and confidentiality are assured, and our service is HIPAA compliant.

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NOTICE TO DEAF, HARD OF HEARING & SPEECH IMPAIRED CONSUMERS: Fluent’s Video Interpreting service is NOT a Video Relay Service (VRS) and is not to be used to make an emergency call to 911. In an emergency, dial 911 from a location-identifiable phone or by TTY device.

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