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When a deaf person and a hearing person are in the same room, and it is neither feasible nor cost effective to have an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter present, a Fluent ASL interpreter can facilitate communication through the use of video conferencing equipment or a webcam capable computer over a high speed, broadband internet connection. Effective communication utilizing ASL via Video Interpreting requires bandwidth speeds of 512 kilobits per second (768 kilobits per second for high definition). For other spoken language Video Interpreting, where the reliance on the clarity of the visual image is not as critical to the interpreting process, minimum bandwidth speeds of 384 kilobits per second are required.

1. When time is of the essence:
  Fluent's Video Interpreting service is available on demand, 24/7/365 for American Sign Language (ASL). Whether you are a hospital emergency department that can't wait for the hour or more that it would take for an ASL interpreter to arrive, or a client faced with the last minute cancellation of an On-Site ASL interpreter, Fluent can provide an ASL interpreter within minutes of a request.
2. When the need for an ASL interpreter is for a brief period of time:
  When a service provider physically sends an ASL interpreter to your location, they will typically charge you for a two-hour minimum commitment and require you reimburse the interpreter for their mileage costs. On-demand sessions for less than thirty minutes will almost always be less expensive than scheduling an On-Site interpreting session.
3. When it is difficult or impossible to get an ASL interpreter to your location:
  There are many communities across the country where there are a limited number of licensed and certified ASL interpreters, or where the travel time and expense to bring in an interpreter is simply not practical or cost effective. With Fluent's Video Interpreting solution, ASL interpreters can be scheduled well in advance at attractive and competitive hourly rates, or available on demand at higher per minute rates.
4. For spoken languages, when it is difficult or impossible to obtain an On-Site Interpreter, or for more lengthy interpreting sessions where Telephone Interpreting is not cost effective:
  There are many times when an interpreting assignment is best served using an On-Site Interpreter, however there may be a limited number of qualified interpreters for a particular language in your community or the travel and expense to bring in an interpreter is cost prohibitive. Telephone Interpreting as an industry grew out of serving this very need. As effective a solution as Telephone Interpreting may be, losing the intimacy of visual contact, or for those assignments that may require an hour or more of interpreting, Video Interpreting (or what we refer to as “Virtual On-Site Interpreting”) is the perfect bridge between On-Site and Telephone Interpreting. Assignments are scheduled in advance, and this solution allows Fluent to offer the exact same languages available through our geographically limited footprint for On-Site, to any location across the globe via a high speed IP connection. Fluent’s Virtual On-Site Interpreting solution is offered at very competitive hourly (vs. per minute) rates, with the added savings of avoiding any travel reimbursement or mileage charges.

To communicate with our Video Interpreters, clients will need H.323 compliant video conferencing equipment, available through a number of vendors including Polycom, Tandberg, Cisco, Sony or D-Link. You may also connect to our Video Interpreters through webcam enabled PC’s, however you will need to obtain software that supports H.323 compliant video communication, available from Polycom or Tandberg among others. All of Fluent’s Video Interpreters utilize state-of-the-art Polycom equipment.

No, Fluent's Video Interpreting service IS NOT a Video Relay Service. It is a Video Remote Interpreting service, and this is a very important distinction.

When a deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired individual (D-HOH-SI) wishes to communicate with hearing people, and they are not in the same location, the Federal Communications Commission mandates that certain telecommunications providers make available to the D-HOH-SI individual a Video Relay Service. The most common way this service is utilized today is the D-HOH-SI individual has a video telephone or similar device in their home where they are able to place and receive telephone calls with and from hearing persons, assisted by ASL interpreters.

Video Relay Service is regulated by the FCC, is available to the D-HOH-SI community free of charge, and is funded by service fees telecommunication carriers are required to pay to the government.

When a D-HOH-SI individual is in the same room as a hearing person, by law they may not use Video Relay Service.


NOTICE TO DEAF, HARD OF HEARING & SPEECH IMPAIRED CONSUMERS: Fluent’s Video Interpreting service is NOT a Video Relay Service (VRS) and is not to be used to make an emergency call to 911. In an emergency, dial 911 from a location-identifiable phone or by TTY device.

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