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Translating Services

Translating ServicesFluent Language Solutions provides translating services of written text to and from virtually any language. We perform translations in more than 120 areas of specialization; the benefit to you is that our translators are not only native linguists; they are also experts in the domain of your document.

Fluent has extensive experience in providing translations for a variety of industries, including healthcare, energy (power generation), pharmaceutical (including CRO’s), legal, marketing & advertising, as well as the general corporate community. We serve clients throughout the world assisting them in communicating the meaning of their ideas to their customers.

When someone says they want a “word-for-word translation,” what do they actually intend? In our experience, what is desired is a translation that makes sense to the reader, that conveys clearly and completely the entire meaning of the message, makes appropriate use of the target language, and that provides an appropriate context for the message within the reader’s realm of experience. At Fluent we call this Meaning-for-Meaning, not Word-for-Word™. We recognize that all languages and cultures do not communicate meaning in the same way.

Translation Accuracy

Pure word for word translations are typically based on the most frequent definition of a word, often even retaining word order and punctuation of the source message. This is the level at which most machine/computer translation technology functions.

A step up is what we refer to as “Translation-ese,” where word choices in a translation are altered with the intent to improve upon the accuracy of conveying the meaning of the source message, though infrequently used words, concepts or tertiary meanings are likely to be missed. There also tends to be over-rigid adherence to grammatical constructs as found in the source message without regard to the appropriateness of use of such constructs in the target language. Many untrained translators work at this level…they do not examine the meaning in context.

At Fluent, we translate Meaning-for-Meaning, not Word-for- Word™. Through a rigorous, iterative translation and proofing process, we account for far more than appropriate word choice, grammar and punctuation. We take into consideration when and how thoughts are introduced (e.g. in English, thoughts are presented major to minor; in Arabic, a more circular approach is taken), cross-cultural awareness, cross-linguistic awareness, register, additional context required, social/cultural markers, idiomatic expressions and more. We strive to render the message as though it had been originally expressed in the target language.

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In addition to document translation, Fluent also provides the following services:

  • Transcription – Taking an audio recording and reducing to writing the words as they are spoken. Fluent has extensive experience transcribing foreign conversations particularly for the legal community.

  • Software and Website Localization – Localization refers to the process of translating a software application or a website to the target language. We offer full localization services for Windows and Macintosh software as well as popular entertainment platforms, and offer turnkey solutions for static or dynamic websites.

  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing – Fluent offers full Desktop Publishing (DTP) services on both Windows and Macintosh platforms with the ability to handle Asian and bi-directional character sets which are used in the Middle East.

  • Recording - Fluent offers a full line of recording services in foreign languages, including voiceover, dubbing, lip synching, subtitling and IVR for phone trees.

  • Trade Name Evaluation – We assess proposed trade names in different target markets for negative connotations/translations (including negative slang) and ease of pronunciation.

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