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In Person Interpreting Services

On-site interpretingOn-Site Interpreting, often referred to as In Person Interpreting, is precisely what the words imply. Clients who require that an interpreter be physically present with their personnel and the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) speaker to facilitate communication, call on Fluent to provide the most highly trained and qualified interpreters available in the markets we serve.

Unlike Telephone Interpreting, Video Interpreting and Translating, which Fluent seamlessly provides on demand across the United States, by its nature, Fluent’s On-Site Interpreting is geographically limited to the Carolina’s and Nashville, TN, though we are actively seeking opportunities to broaden this geographic reach through strategic partnerships. As with our other interpreting services, Fluent’s On-Site interpreters are available 24/7/365 with as little as one hour’s notice.

In the markets we serve, Fluent has the largest staff of On-Site Interpreters, encompassing over 80 languages, which is more than double that of our nearest competitors. As a result, Fluent maintains an assignment fill rate in excess of 99%, unheard of in our industry. Simply put, our clients know that if we cannot provide an interpreter, no one can. The benefit to our clients is far more than lower administrative costs by eliminating the need to maintain relationships with multiple vendors specializing in particular language categories (e.g. Spanish only, Asian, Middle Eastern or American Sign Language). There is a very real cost to clients when within 24 hours of an assignment an interpreting agency calls to say they cannot find an interpreter. The client will now be forced to source an interpreter from someone else at rates typically 50% higher than standard due to the short notice. With language services budgets for hospitals and governmental agencies being under constant pressure, our clients have learned they cannot afford to use anyone else.

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While Fluent is able to provide the widest array of On-Site Interpreters in the most cost effective manner, what truly distinguishes Fluent from any other interpreting services provider is our dedication to quality. We maintain a staff of interpreter managers whose chief responsibility is to hire, train, mentor and supervise all On-Site interpreters, conducting announced and unannounced observations of assignments. This level of supervision to ensure quality control is unprecedented in our industry.


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